We’ve Been Neglecting You and Interpersonal Skills and Higher HCAHPS Scores

Over the past few months we’ve been posting on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages and not here, and we are sorry.   We didn’t mean to neglect you.

To get everyone caught up we’ll be posting some links and articles that never made it to our blog.  Some of the articles we’ll be posting have to do with how interpersonal skills affect patient satisfaction.   More and more evidence is correlating patient satisfaction with a healthcare workers interpersonal skills.  An article recently published on healthleadersmedia.com  addresses this subject with nursing care called Compassionate Nursing Care Linked to Higher HCAHPS Scores .  Click the link here to read the article.

We at Verify HealthCare are followers of this ideology and know that a correct diagnosis is no longer enough in the HCAHPS era.  Having a mystery shopping/quality assurance program is necessary to better understand your patient experience and have sufficient data to correct short comings.  Having this data will let your organization be proactive in its changes rather than being reactive to HCAHPS scores.

Be ahead of the curve and your competition with an auditing program from Verify HealthCare.

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