Web Based Dashboard and Scorecard– Benefits of Medical Mystery Shopping Series

We began our series discussing the benefits of medical mystery shopping with legitimacy and benchmarking. If you haven’t gotten the chance to read it, click here.

This week’s discussion focuses on Verify HealthCare’s web-based Dashboard and Scorecard.

After each phone call or on-site shopper audit, a designated form is filled out and posted to the client Dashboard, which is designed specifically to reflect each client’s standards of performance.  This allows users to follow their progress month-to-month and drill down to individual “Scorecards” to view performance results or listen to any interaction.

One issue that clients complain about in utilizing standard surveying techniques is the lack of “freshness” of data gathered. With mandated surveys via HCAHPS, organizations are often forced to draw conclusions from data that is 3 to 4 months old. It’s difficult to react quickly, and efficiently, to challenges at hand when data is only furnished quarterly. Verify HealthCare’s secure, web-based Dashboard gives clients the opportunity to organize data and accurately monitor performance in near real-time.  Audit results are published within 24 to 48 hours of the shopping engagement, which allows leadership teams to respond quickly to errors and to correct poor performance or deviance from recognized standards.

Near real-time reporting is a critical ingredient in an environment as fluid as the medical and healthcare arena. Medical mystery shopping is key to gathering this type of customer-focused data in real time, something a survey can never match. Please view our 3 minute Measurement Tools video (located at the bottom of the page) for more information about our Dashboard and other healthcare auditing methods. And, be sure to follow us on Linked-In to receive all of our blog posts.

Russell Brand is the senior consultant and co-founder at Verify HealthCare, a mystery shopping and consulting firm dedicated to improving the health care industry. Feel free to contact Russell at moc.e1508475625racht1508475625laehy1508475625firev1508475625@lles1508475625suR1508475625.

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