Patient Satisfaction – With Medicare Pay On The Line, Hospitals Push Harder To Please Patients – NPR

One thing we can all agree on is that patient satisfaction is at a premium in today’s medical landscape.  NPR and author Jordan Rau have published a great article highlighting this and just how valuable knowing your patients’ experience is to keeping your HCAHPS scores high.  They also highlight using standardized patients to teach doctors better interpersonal skills. Did I mention I have over ten years experience in the simulation training and incorporate this style of training for our secret shopping team?  Click here to read more about my background.

Below is just the first few paragraphs, click the link below to read the entire article.

Lillie Robinson came to Rowan Medical Center for surgery on her left foot. She expected to be in and out in a day, returning weeks later to the Salisbury, N.C., hospital for her surgeon to operate on the other foot.

But that’s not how things turned out. “When I got here I found out he was doing both,” she said. “We didn’t realize that until they started medicating me for the procedure.” Robinson signed a consent form and the operation went fine, but she was in the hospital far longer than she’d expected to be.

“I wasn’t prepared for that,” she said.

Disappointed patients such as Robinson are a persistent problem for Rowan, a hospital with some of the lowest levels of patient satisfaction in the country. In surveys sent to patients after they leave, Rowan’s patients are less likely than those at most hospitals to say that they always received help promptly and that their pain was controlled well. Rowan’s patients say they would recommend the hospital far less often than patients elsewhere.

Feedback from patients like Robinson matters to Rowan and to hospitals across the country. Since Medicare began requiring hospitals to collect information about patient satisfaction and report it to the government in 2007, these patient surveys have grown in influence. For the past three years, the federal government has considered survey results when setting pay levels for hospitals. Some private insurers do as well.

With Medicare Pay On The Line, Hospitals Push Harder To Please Patients – Click here to read the article.

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