Medical Mystery Shopping – Ohio C-Suite and Top Executives use Medical Mystery Shopping to understand Customer POV

This article written by Carrie Grose of the Columbus Buisness Journal highlights the need for medical mystery shopping as well as acknowledging by practice that mystery shopping provides data that surveys alone cannot replicate.  Below is a short bit from the article, click the link following that to read the entire article.

A “secret shopper” exercise by hospital CEOs and CFOs in part inspired upcoming efforts by the Ohio Hospital Association to explain pricing and help patients compare facilities on cost and quality.
The 18 trustees, top executives at hospitals ranging from small rural facilities to the Cleveland Clinic, posed as uninsured patients calling their own institutions and asked a scripted set of questions about what it would cost to get a procedure.

“There were a lot of people surprised at how difficult it was to get pricing information,” said Mike Abrams, CEO of the trade group for 219 hospitals and 13 systems.
“Some got very good information,” he said. “A lot of them learned from a customer service standpoint they needed to do some training. It’s a difficult question for a hospital.”

Carrie Grose – Columbus Business Journal – 2/5/15


Read the rest of the article here.

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