Healthcare News: Email Free Friday?

I hear from clients and friends alike about the sheer amount of email they receive on a daily basis at work.  Some colleagues and friends have work email boxes with THOUSANDS of unread emails just piling up.  Now imagine a day where the inner-office “junk mail” just stopped.  Instead of an annoying exchange, employees at this small hospital in the Boston area, get up and go talk to that person.  Human interaction?  In this day?  Yes, remember just because something can be done via the internet doesn’t make it better.  Sometimes an in person interaction is a welcomed, needed and more satisfying way to work.  An excerpt of the article reported by CBS Boston can be found below. This full article can be found here.

Reported by Chris McKinnon

BOSTON (CBS) – When it comes to work, email is both a blessing and a curse. Often, it feels like managing that constant flow of electronic messages is a job unto itself.

An overflowing inbox is a constant frustration for Carol Burns, chief clinical dietician at Beth Israel Deaconess in Plymouth. “It’s just when you set aside time to work on a project or do something, and instead, you are reading 37 emails about things that aren’t that essential.”
By one estimate, as much as 28% of a worker’s time on the job can now be consumed by email.
The hospital did a survey and found workers felt overwhelmed by unnecessary email. Those findings led to the creation of “Email Free Fridays”. External emails are allowed, but workers are discouraged from sending anything internally.

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