Be Brave, Look in the Mirror.

About 6 years ago I realized that having the lush locks of my 20’s wasn’t going to last into my late 30’s. I saw myself in the mirror and saw right through to my scalp. Yup. It was time to shave it all. I bought a good pair of clippers and took it all off the next day.

For a while I had “phantom hair” that I would shake free of water after taking a shower. It took a while to get used to the new looking me. You don’t realize how defining a feature that hair is, until it’s gone. To be honest, I don’t miss it and really like the current version of myself. And shockingly, most people in my life don’t remember me with hair. Even my wife (whom I met in 6th grade) likes my chrome dome.

To get to this point though, I had to look in mirror to see what was going on and who I wanted to be. Did I want to be a guy with a comb over or bald and beautiful?  The choice seemed obvious. Mirrors don’t lie.

Every time we greet a new client I always commend them on the courage it takes to have a third party come in and audit their organization (bald head and all) and decide what is working and build upon it, and what is not and change it.

Understanding where you are as an organization is integral to future success. Looking in the mirror takes guts and a willingness to grow. Opening yourself to an outside agency is difficult sometimes, but necessary. Without objectivity, the reflection you see may be distorted with inter-office politics and biases. The reflection we give to clients is unbiased and unfiltered.

Take a look at your organization, and when necessary buy a pair of good clippers and cut off what’s not working. You will be happy you did. I promise.

Be brave, look in the mirror.

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  1. Monte Fulton
    Monte Fulton says:

    Well said, Russell! And it takes courage for organizations to open up to transparency and accountability. This is the essence of CQI – Continuous Quality Improvement. Healthcare leaders and their teams must not neglect the vital role that ethics plays in the day-to-day striving for quality.


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