Benefits of Health Care Mystery Shopping Series – Legitimacy and Benchmarking

For the next few blog posts I’ll go over the benefits of health care mystery shopping.

To start the series, we’ll begin with two benefits that every client enjoys when using our services, Benchmarking and Legitimacy.

Benchmarking – In order to measure performance over time Verify HealthCare establishes a benchmark in our clients’ processes and systems.  The benefit of this aspect of our mystery shopping services is it forces our clients to either re-visit their established process and systems or (as we often find) realize that they don’t have any substantive procedures in place.  If we find there are no processes or systems in place we begin to help our client form these systems so we are able to have an effective health care mystery shop.

The next benefit to discuss in this post is Legitimacy.

Legitimacy –Our team audits your agency with no bias. We are not part of the organization and provide a true picture of what is happening.   Inter office politics, culture and assumptions are not involved in our reporting.  3rd party audits are also integral to establish credibility with organizational stakeholders and outside regulatory agencies.  Some of our healthcare mystery shopping engagements are mandated by regulatory agencies which makes the honesty, integrity and specificity of our findings integral to the inner workings and viability of our clients product offerings and services.

When regulatory agencies or internal/external stakeholders want an honest and independent view of their agency, health care mystery shopping is your answer.

Benchmarking and legitimacy are just two of the benefits of our services at Verify HealthCare.   Knowing where your organization is by benchmarking it’s processes and services is integral to measuring future performance.   We solidify and provide legitimacy by being an unbiased,data driven 3rd party audit.

Thanks for taking the time to read our post.  Keep checking back for the next installment in our “Benefits of Health Care Mystery Shopping” series.


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