Telephone shop calls are placed to the facility from individual shoppers to simulate a “real” patient, perspective customer, visitor, or even a prospective job applicant. Calls are digitally recorded and scored based upon a set of pre-determined standards.

We specialize in conducting phone shops of the following:

  • Hospitals / Clinics / Treatment Centers
  • Call Centers / Intake Operators / Answering Services
  • Appointment Setting
  • Guest Services / Concierge / Way Finding
  • Medical / Administrative Offices
  • Human Resources
  • Competitor calls

The telephone shop method offers an assessment of the patient’s or family member’s first impression via our exclusive internet voice recording technology. Scenarios are designed to measure operational performance against phone policy standards and can describe, for example, ease of access to care.

Other key service criteria that can be audited are:

  • Phone etiquette
  • Policy / scripting compliance
  • Product / procedure knowledge
  • Professionalism / friendliness of staff
  • Automated recordings
  • Number of rings
  • Hold times
  • Returned message protocols
  • Patient sensitivity / confidentiality
  • Sales skills
  • Same-day appointment availability
  • Cancellation procedures

Telephone Secret Shopping helps determine the number of potential new patients / clients you may be losing. Our experienced healthcare shoppers present a performance “Scorecard” with a detailed supporting narrative.