Mystery Shopper Auditing Services

We offer a wide range of healthcare auditing services and will
tailor a plan to meet your unique needs.

Our proven healthcare mystery shopper techniques provide high value-added assessments of the overall patient experience, from the first impression with the phone receptionist and appointment scheduling, to the admissions process and complete in-service patient handling procedures.

Telephone Shopper Audits for Healthcare

Telephone shop calls are placed to your facility from individual shoppers to simulate a “real” patient, perspective customer, visitor, or even a prospective job applicant.

Out-Patient Appointment Shops

Out-Patient Shops involve an appointment to visit your facility and follow the natural path of a patient seeking care.

Quality of Care Observation Shops

Observation Shops are designed to rate patient services and the physical condition of your facility. These audits can be implemented in a variety of healthcare settings.

Emergency Room Shops

Emergency Room Shops take a more in-depth look at your organization’s systems and processes, including everything from an out-patient visit to an overnight admission.

Website Shops

With Website Shops, your site is audited for functionality, ease of navigation, accuracy, and responsiveness to general inquiries. This online auditing process ensures a seamless user experience.

Sales Proficiency Shops

Sales Proficiency Shops are random or targeted visits conducted by our shoppers to help determine how effectively your team responds to inquiries for new patients or residents.